Aksan thermosiphon Works with any kind of solid fuel (wood, coal, nutshell, sawdust etc.)

  Aksan Turbostar is the first national inside/outside enamel coated thermosiphon Therefore, in corparison with competitors, it heats water faster and water cools down slower. Consequently, it consumes less fuel and more economical., it is produced in stainless chromium models.

  Inside tube is made from 2 mm . DKP sheet metal and enameled. Outher liner is 1,20 DKP enamel coated sheet metal. Inside body is tested at 12 ATU in accordance with TSE.

  Aksan Turbostar is inside/outside enamel coated, therefore water boiler is rustproof. It is inoxidable. Combustion chamber is gray cats iron, outer liner is enameled and heat resistive.




If you wish to use your valued thermosiphon safely for years, you must install ballcock system and safety pressure relief valve. After the installation, you might get the impression that it is leaking since it is full with cold water and heat causes steam on the tank. After a while, once the heater is hot and the tank is soot, water droplets will terminate. Do Not Panic.

Because of water stoppages on mains, your termosiphon's water level might be low. Therefore, you must get water from both hot and cold water valves before burning your thermosiphon. If ballcock is coming short due to water stoppages on mains, you must install ballcock system.