Brand and logo of the factory was founded in 1978 in those years by registerig Akssan first in terms of quality, then the TSE, CE, ISO 9001, Euro Norm - EN442 Quality certifications by the German TÜV and the Russian GOST-R has achieved the standards on products produced.
Providing product quality, technical support, and after-sales services to meet the present and future expectations of our customers in order to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.
Awareness of environmental and societal responsibilities in all of our activities.
Continuous improvements in all of our business processes affecting product and service quality by employee involvement.
Establishing an organization in which all of our customers, employees, suppliers, and share holders are proud belonging to.
Awareness of the fact that quality is not a target to reach, but it is a never-ending process which should be continuously improved.
Providing our customers with products and services in compliance to domestic and international standards.
Providing long term benefits to our customers and to our organization through savings by effective and efficient utilization of our resources.
Ensuring continuous quality improvement in order to keep and expand our market share and to have the competitive advantage.