Stylish, efficient and durable radiators are manufactured according to ISO 9001 EN442&EN
Compact with a look, top and side covers are mounted in the factory
Wide range of products to meet any application
Modern 33.3 mm water channel pitch design
High thermal efficiency and water channels from which Convectors
AUTOMATIC AIR DISCHARGE VALVE blind plugs, accessory bag consisting of screw and dowel
That offer flexibility in mounting "L" type wall mount (wall hangers and other types of feet are available on request)
Robust packaging provides protection during transport and long-term
Zinc and Iron-Phosphate
Water-based primer paint
Epoxy-polyester powder paint


High Thermal Power
  AKSAN panel radiators gives the highest heat output, by means of its 33.3 mm pitch.
Long Life
  AKSAN panel radiators are coated with Iron Phosphate and Powder Coating paint. Their corrosion resistance is 2 - 4 times higher than the radiators being coated with wet paint + iron phosphate.
Advanced Technology
  AKSAN panel radiators are the first radiators being sold with 10 years guarantee by means of its unrivalled robot welding and painting technology.
Worldwide Preference
  All radiators have certificates such as TSE (Turkey), DIN (Germany) and their quality has been approved by the world.