Operates as a fully electric boiler fuel, there is no risk of any accident, electrical circuit breakers are available.
%99 Efficiency - Odorless, no tank, and chimney.
Very silent ( ease of installation ).
The ideal size ( wall type and floor type ) - 30% savings in diesel fuel.
LPG %20 saving- Smart electronic counter natural gas %12 saving.  ( 4-stroke with cheap rate )
24 hour, hot water in summer and winter ( Heaters, bathroom, kitchen sinks and toilets, hot water pumps )
Maximum of 10 minutes at the desired temperature in the heating system is, Sudden cold water for heating the water reservoir by means of resistors to burn less fuel than a normal boiler, water heater acts as a serial.
Up to 3 bar safety valve that opens protection - Automatic air vent.
Manometer (water pressure) - 3 stage circulation pump
1 adjustable safety bar switch  ( Protection against dry running )
Automatic by-pass - According to room temperature, the modulation ( room sensor optional)
NTC system with electronic water temperature control.
Electronic thermostat with temperature setting - Safety thermostat (limit termostat)
Closed according to the capacity expansion (8 – 10) lt. - 10 ve 20 KW – 25- 30 KW Combi