Installation is free, only working in the electrical connection products.
Economic provide heating energy consumption as soon as possible venues.
Works everywhere that the power outlet, room to room, portable and wall mounted to save space provided if desired.
Silent operation.
2 year warranty.
100% safety.
TSE and CE certificate.
Homogeneous heating of the ambient air dry thanks to the classic panel radiators will be avoided. Ambient air dries the hot surface heaters (infrared, halogen heaters, electric stoves) performs compared to more precise heating.
DIN EN 6112 standards using the ISO 9001 quality standards in accordance with the production of special steel plates.
Test procedures followed by the inner and outer surfaces of the radiator, in accordance with DIN EN 6112 standard phosphate coating bath degreasing operations subjected to hot and completely relieved, and corrosion resistance of chemical agents are saved. Spray surface cleaning technology, fully automatic machines, epoxy polyester painted with electrostatic powder coating system occurs.
System directly with the fluid channels, welding converters provide maximum efficiency.
The average temperature of the fluid and rapidly spread to the panel convectors
Pressure resistant up to 12 bar.
Production is made according to EN 442 standards.