Serpentine boiler primary circuit, the energy of a single solid, liquid, gas-fired room heater or central heating boilers or solar collector system, steam boiler, hot oil, hot water boilers or tank-type products are prepared by taking warm water. Serpentine heat energy in the convection circulating in the primary fluid in the tank by the user operating the hot water to obtain juice.



Boiler water in contact with the inner surface of the hot-dip galvanized steel
coated or stainless steel are used in accordance with the process. Protected against corrosion by a magnesium anode are insulated with rock wool warehouse, removable outer coating material coated with a flexible, custom manufacturing is carried out at pressures higher.


Ergonomic thanks to its elegant appearance. Seems from the outside water heater. When the model is used to as resistance heaters. Very useful for rapid water heating. Technological production is long lasting. Commissioning of heating energy to the very economical.


Is made of galvanized sheet for the hygienic. Takes up less space thanks to compact dimensions. 60 lt. and a capacity of 80 liters ensures constant hot water. The price is very affordable compared to other systems. Easy to be mounted. Gas is safe for use. Electric heater can be fitted if required.

  AKB60 AKB80
capacity 60 LT 80 LT
weight 23 KG 34 KG
Heat Power 2000 Kcal/h 3300 Kcal/h
Heater Input Output 1/2* 1/2*
Check out Mains Water 1/2* 1/2*
Input Resistance 1 1/4* 1 1/4*
Safety Valve 1/2* 1/2*
Dimensions Q 360 mm H:740 mm